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Artikel#254 – Mobile Apps Deployment for Nusantara Crypto Exchanger (NUCEX)

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21st May 2019 – Nusantara Crypto Exchanger (NUCEX) has launched its mobile apps and it is ready for download from Google Play Store starting today.The Apps is now available for use and supports all features offered in NUCEX,

NUCEX is a trading platform based in Jakarta, Indonesia and it is the 3rd largest crypto exchange in this region. Established in 2018, March, the momentum has been tremendous and encouraged the team to develop an App for easy access, anytime, anywhere. Pitiscoin (PTS) are among tokens supported for trading along with all other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Mode of trading payment in NUCEX are either in IDR rate or BTC.

NUCEX offers Referral Program as a tool to help in gaining more new active traders to use NUCEX for crypto trading, a method placed to promote and as well to compete with other existing platforms.

More information on NUCEX can be found at https://nucex.io with other media platform with NUCEX’s name such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Mobile Apps can be downloaded from your Google Play Store. Search for NUCEX and begin download.Your App is now ready for use.

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