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What do we do with our cryptocurrencies/assets?
The fad has bloomed. Almost all uncles and aunties even makcik bawangs has heard or even own bitcoins and virtual wallets now. Well maybe own a 0.00234567 btc and few more 3.45eth and 150,000 pitiscoin in a virtual wallet they don’t even know where it is stored.

Big question : so what do we do with it? Do we keep it? Do we sell it? Do we eat it?. Depends on how good of your understanding about the crypto world.
In recent weeks, well maybe months, prices dropped like flies due to certain turmoils ongoing. Best bet, hold on to it. HODL they say. Cryptocurrencies are not commodities to be traded everyday unless you bought it at a much lower price than today. Your call then. Therefore, our best suggestion, short term – hold on to it, you may have bought it at a much higher price than today if you just heard about it 6 months ago. Long term call – if prices go up, then sell to make profit. After all, that’s why we are all here, to make money even just a dime. 

Disclaimer : all views are our own. You are free to make your own.

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