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Announcement : MPW Server Migration

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New MPW users will not be able to register or create new account within MPW, however existing users with existing account will not be affected by this process since all systems are involved for our server migration period.

All MPW existing user, please be informed during server migration period, the balance of your old wallet will be transferred to the new address.

Please bear with us during transfer period and notify should there be irregularities other than 0 balance in old acct. DO NOT PANIC! YOUR WALLET IS SECURED. We seek your co-operation by REFRAINING FROM SPREADING FALSE NEWS of hacked accounts.

Kindly take note that the server migration process is expected to resume as per normal tentatively expected to be completed by Wednesday 14th Mac 2018.

These processes are needed to be done in order to comply with the law.

Apologies for all inconvenience caused.

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