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What is Pitiscoin

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PitisCoin main objective is to create a digital crypto asset not only serves with specific functions but having added value to its users. Most digital assets cryptos were created to serve a specific function such as “Ether” to represent “Petrol” in Ethereum or Ripple that acts to speed up banking processes.
PitisCoin functions similarly to BTC in a more efficient way however with a better transaction time compared to BTC. The PitisCoin difference is its users will also gain benefit from it even in saving. PitisCoin has been designed to support other projects based on Blockchain technology. The success rate of upcoming project will be the bench mark of stability and value gains of PitisCoin in open market.

There are 3 main objectives

  1. Research and Development of Blockchain Technology
  2. Building A Mega Scaled Digital Field
  3. Creating a new financial technology infrastructure through Crypto Digital Asset

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