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Pitiscoin Revamped

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Pitiscoin is built on ERC20 platform functions as medium to expedite business tradings and building infrastructure based on blockchain technology using smart contracts.

All cryptos based on ERC20 ethereum platform can be interchangeable easily and all these tokens can work with other decentralized apps that has the same standard or higher. Pitiscoin has its own wallet that supports multicrypto feature – MyPitisWallet (previously KBW)

Pitiscoin is a technology revolution product. Designed as a crypto currency that adds value to financial infrastructure, it also compliments fiat money value. It cuts middle man so it becomes transparent n cost saving. Anyone can own as long as one understands what Pitiscoin is.

Have a chat with us via Facebook page : Pitiscoin or email us at info@pitiscoin.com.
Coming soon : MyPitisWallet (previously KBW)

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